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"A straightforward and smooth-running OS X application that provides you with all the necessary tools to design stylish websites." - Softpedia Mac
"If you don't know or don't want to learn HTML, this is the web page creation software you want..." - Guide
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US App Store Review
by FUTR3Trx

Unbelievably simple, fast and extremely convenient tool for anyone who needs a website. I'm using it to build my basic page design and sending that to a web designer for finishing. Great tool for anyone, with it without programming knowledge. You pretty much just gotta know how to use a simple picture editing program to figure this one out!
UK App Store Review
by Oliver7895

This app is as exactly how I wanted it to be its got loads of features and tools. This app is one of the best apps I,ve bought, I loved it so much it deserved a place in my dock on my iPad. The one feature I really loved was the shadow on photos it just gives the photos that extra touch. Overall it is one of the best apps EVER!
US App Store Review

I've been using this app almost from the beginning and my website was build with this app. It's easy to use ( and I never built websites before), fast, most of the essential perimeters you'll need. But the one thing that I love so much about this app, is the customer service. I wish most of the developers will learn from these guys. They always answer my question and most of the times within the same day and sometime even a few hours later. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an app to build a website from the ground up.
US App Store Review
by Needle2pin

This is a wonderful app. I found it easy to use. It has made it possible for our friends and family to follow us on our trips.

"Incredible And amazing App!!!!" -
"Excellent and cost effective way to set up a website. Used app initially to get a startup company going to keep costs down. I enjoyed using the app so much, it is nice and easy to use, I never changed. You can update a tweak on the run which saves so much time. Brilliant app" -